New website coming….

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New website coming…..…

Next weeks

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On the schedule next coming weeks:

Water Tower art festival “Towns in need of love”
opening at 25.7 / Pernik
Water Tower art festival

25.7 also Whispers – sound installation with Katrin Caspar shown in KW’s ONE NIGHT STAND – …

SIM Residency

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Artist talks

Whispers in Liebig12 Berlin

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Opening 19.11.2014 // from 6pm
20.11 & 21.11 between 4pm – 9pm

“Whispers” is a collaborative sound installation work between Eeva-Liisa Puhakka and Katrin Caspar.
The sound installation consists of a dozen sound-objects which record short sound samples, bird …

Turun Sanomat

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Article in Turun Sanomat 23.10.2014


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Porvoon taidehalli,
Group show: Reunion

Titanik Galleria, Turku
20.10.-2.11. Solo show: Standing still in order to understand it
Titanik galleria


SIM, Reykjavik, Iceland. December 2014 & January 2015.
NIDA, Lithuania. September 2015.…

WAAW residency

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WAAW residency in Saint Louis, Senegal. March-April 2014.
Part of my new “smell and memory” project:

Ars Sippola 2013

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Ars Sippola Ympäristötaidetapahtuma Kouvolan Sippolassa.

18.5 – 18.8.2013

Puutarha on perinteisesti ajateltuna risteys, jossa kulttuuri ja luonto kohtaavat harmoniassa tai ristiriitaisesti. Usein se mielletään historialliseksi paikaksi, joka jatkaa olemassaoloaan vuodesta, joskus jopa vuosisadasta toiseen. Puutarha voi olla konkreettinen tai …

Save Vartiosaari

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Save Vartiosaari – Art Project is organized from June 2 to September 29 in 2013. Helsinki, Finland.

Save Vartiosaari Art Project

Vartiosaari is an unique island in eastern part of Helsinki inner archipelago. The future of Vartiosaari is uncertain because …

Jättömaa Ympäristön Art 2013

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Jättömaa Ympäristön Art 2013 – Wasteland Environmental Art 2013
Kouvola, Finland
20.7 – 23.8.2013…

Athens Slingshot, Georgia, USA

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“If they could speak” was shown and projected to the city wall in real siz in Athens Slighhot, Georgia, USA last weekend.


Pauses In Temporal Current

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Pauses In Temporal Current, Friday, 15 June, 2012 to Friday, 22 June, 2012. Ateljehof Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Pauses in temporal current is a group exhibition that investigates our experiences of time and space from a variety of perspectives.

Augustine of Hippo …

What happens when nothing happens

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30.3.- 17.4.2011
avajaiset 29.3.2011 klo 17-19

00130 Gallery Project Room
Korkeavuorenkatu 27 (sisäpiha)
ke 13-18, to-pe 12-17, la-su 12-16

I could tell you, how many steps there were into the house. I could tell how many doors there were inside,…