works and lives in Berlin, Germany and Kouvola, Finland.


2009 MFA, media art, Valand School of Fine Arts, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
2007 3 years art degree, Art School Maa, Helsinki, Finland.
2004 Diploma in Visual Arts, Free Art School, Helsinki, Finland.
2001 MSc, environmental engineering, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland.


Top Schillerpalais, Berlin, Germany.
Kutscherhaus Recklinghausen, Germany.
Ars Sippola, Antares, Kouvola, Finland.
Process Space Art Festival, Ruse, Bulgaria.
BcmArte gallery, Kleiner Salon, Berlin, Germany (soloshow).
Dada post, Berlin, Germany.
At This Point In Time, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Via media art festival, Maubeuge, France.
Galleri Box, Göteborg, Sweden.
Exit media art festival, Creteil, France.
Castle Wolkersdorf, Austria.
Grey Cube galleries, Helsinki, Finland.
10th Water tower art festival, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Artists without borders, Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey.

Cairo Video Festival, Cairo, Egypt.
Piksel festival, Bergen, Norway.
Gallery Poriginal, Pori, Finland.
Deep Trash: The Animal Farm, London, UK.
One night stand, gallery KW, Berlin, Germany.
Cultivating Cultures, audiovisual festival, Lviv, Ukraine.
WRO Resume exhibition, best of biennale 2015, Wroclau, Poland
Landscape-Metropolis exhibition, Schöneweide, Berlin, Germany.
Water tower art festival, Sofia, Bulgaria.
WRO Media Art Biennale, Wroclau, Poland.
Digital Art exhibition, Helsinki, Finland.

Gallery SIM, Reykjavik, Iceland.
The IT Show: An Interactive Art Exhibit, Berlin, Germany.
“Whispers”, Liebig12, Berlin, Germany.
Group show, Kunsthalle Porvoo, Finland.
Titanik gallery, Turku, Finland. Solo show
Environmental art exhibition LARU14, Helsinki, Finland.
Curating video screening in Wasteland festival, Kouvola, Finland.
“Can you smell the sun?” solo show, Huuto gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
“Whispers” Kampen Visningsrum, Oslo, Norway.
Open house, WAAW residency, St Louis, Senegal.
Ars Lieke 2014, electronic art exhibition, Kouvola art museum, Finland.

Video screenings in Bronx World Film, NYC, US.
“Natural Intelligence” Environmental art exhibition LARU13, Helsinki.
Video screening and environmental art exhibition in Wasteland festival, Kouvola.
“No man is an island…” Environmental exhibition, Vartiosaari, Helsinki.
“Bunny at the beach”, Eco art exhibition and residency in Kronstadt, Russia.
“Clotheslines“ Environmental art exhibition Ars Sippola, Kouvola.
“If they could speak”, Out wall screening, Athens Slingshot, GA, USA.

“And here we are rebuilding…” Environmental art exhibition LARU12, Helsinki.
“At home, on a clothes line” Environmental art camp and exhibition, Tolstjakovo, Russia.
“If they could talk” 2 videos, Ostrale12, international contemporary art exhibition, Dresden, Germany.
“Fida travels” video and an installation, Wasteland festival, Kouvola. Finland.
“How do we know what summer looks like?” installation, Ateljehof Kreuzberg, group exhibition. Berlin.

“Breaking an animal” video and sound installation, Freies Museum Project Space, Berlin.
“We need to talk” installation, environmental art exhibition LARU11, Helsinki.
“What happens when nothing happens” solo exhibition, installation. 00130Gallery Project Room, Helsinki.

“The best party is always in the kitchen” installation, environmental art exhibition, LARU10, Helsinki.
“Houses” installation and video&sound performance, Wasteland festival, art festival in Kouvola.
“Udders” environmental art exhibition, Ars Sippola, Kouvola.

“Early One Sunday Morning Everything Outside” mixed media installation, Masters degree show, gallery Rotor 1, Valand, Gothenburg, Sweden.

“Milk machine” installation, “Animal therefore I am” group show, gallery Rotor 2, Gothenburg.
” Välillä” group show (Lautta-artist group), photographs, gallery Ruutikellari, Hamina.
“I see tree in this world” mixed media installation, “Reinventing the Television” group show, Rotor 2, Gothenburg.
“Luontaisenkaltaisia” mixed media installation and photographs, Gallery Maa-tila, Helsinki.

“Trälen” video, C:art:media winter exhibition, Rotor 1, Gothenburg.
“Gray becomes green ” video installation,”Dislocate – extracting meanings from individual sites and translating them into works of sound, image, installation and text” group show, Gallery Konstepidemi, Gothenburg.
“Maasta maalle” Bachelor degree show, video and paintings, Cable factory, Helsinki.

“Night at Viaborg” group show, b&w-photographs, Viaborg library, Helsinki.
“Seksiä ja muuta sisustustaidetta” Art School Maa spring exhibition, photographs and paintings, Nifca, Helsinki.
Public art project. Paintings of disabled children transferred to the wall of public building (Makkaratalo). A member of the working group.

“Suhteita” solo exhibition, paintings. Gallery Viileä Punainen, Helsinki.
“Viisi aistia” Taidekoulu Maa, group exhibition, paintings, Nifca, Helsinki.
“Pullopostia Suomenlinnasta”group exhibition, black and white photographs, Kontupiste. Helsinki.
“Havaintoja 1″ group exhibition, paintings. S-gallery. Helsinki.


2005-2007, a member of a performance group “Kuu-Maa”
“Story about violence” Women’s Day Festival, Amnesty Finland. Old student house. Helsinki.
Short film about Kuu-Maa performance group. Produced by Columbian director Gustavo Consuegra.
Open House. Art School Maa. Helsinki.
Kallio kukkii-festival. Gallery Majakka. Helsinki.
International performance festival, Cable factory. Helsinki.
La-bas. Gallery Lasipalatsi. Helsinki.
Koe!-festival. Gallery Majakka. Helsinki.
Faces-festival. Billnäs.
Factory club. Helsinki.


Obras, Portugal. 2016.
Edinburgh, Scotland. 2015.
SIM, Reykjavik, Iceland. 2014-2015.
WAAW, Saint Louis, Senegal. 2014.
SERDE, Latvia. 2013.
Kronstadt, Russia. 2013.
Sfakiotes Residency Programme, Greece. 2011 & 2012.

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