Whispers in Liebig12 Berlin

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Opening 19.11.2014 // from 6pm
20.11 & 21.11 between 4pm – 9pm

“Whispers” is a collaborative sound installation work between Eeva-Liisa Puhakka and Katrin Caspar.
The sound installation consists of a dozen sound-objects which record short sound samples, bird songs, which will be amplified and played back within the space afterwards.

Each object works as receiver and transmitter at the same time creating a situation of live sampling. Thereby every object works on its own and independently but mimicking the other ones.
Like birds in the forest the objects try to impress each other getting louder, screaming more, or becoming quiet. It is hard to locate a single sound, a single object, they work all together creating a network of information. As the system itself is an open system, the viewer also becomes part of the installation.