Transmediale Vorspiele 2018

The group exhibition, EMERGE/NCY, invited a selected group of international female artists to reflect upon the theme of cultural transition. The exhibition is part of the annual transmediale Vorspiel festival programme. Vorspiel focuses on drawing new connections between art, culture and technology.

We are living in an era of great and complex technological and cultural transformations, yet as human beings, we tend to react to change with resentment, stress and resistance. Adaptation challenges our current identity, perspectives and belief systems. Extreme transformations, like cultural transition, can trigger a state of shock; an urgent feeling of personal emergency.

EMERGE/NCY exposes interpretations of cultural transition; asking what can emerge from decoding such states of emergency. Exhibition contemplates the impacts of digital transformation; translating the phenomenon of the digital dimensions into human experience. The selected works respond to topics such as digital intimacy, genetic enhancement, surveillance, human-machine relationships, blind side of personalization and the weight of human handprint in the construction of virtual reality.

Annakatrin Kraus // Eeva-Liisa Puhakka // Egle Pilkauskaite // Emma Bäcklund // Landing Collective // Manja Ebert // Shany Birenboim // Sahar Homami // Verónica Mota // Zuza Banasińska