Luftlinie / 28. Kunstschau des Künstlerbundes MecKlenburg und VorpoMMern e.V. iM bbK
17.03. – 29.04.2018 Ahrenshoop, Germany.

Short video clip

In the exhibition LUFTLINIE, the artist association Mecklenburg and Vorpommern e.V. presents works from 61 contemporary artists in the state of Mecklenburg und Vorpommern and from the guest artists in the Baltic region. For the first time the artists from other art associations from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden take part in Kunstschau.

The title LUFTLINIE can be understood as the shortest connection between two points. At the same time, the word contains distance and connection, separation and borders. In addition to the idea of traveling or flying, the title also associates to the landscape or even mental “airlines” in the sense of emotional ties, life paths or memory paths. Last but not least, the title gives rise to a formal debate in the artistic treatment of space and line.