“What happens when nothing happens” 2011, 00130gallery, Helsinki.

Video: What happens when nothing happens

I could tell you, how many steps there were into the house. I could
tell how many doors there were inside, how many windowpanes, how many
coat hangers in the cloth rail.
I heard wild ducks passing above, I heard an airplane from faraway, I
heard the glass breaking under my shoes, I heard a strange crack from
other side of the room.
It felt like nothing was going to happen. Nothing was happening but
still everything was possible.

I had a dream about this place.
I was inside this house.
It looked like this place
except this light.
I was standing right over here…
by that wall.
Except it wasn’t me.
She looked like me, but I wasn’t there.

“The devil is in the details.” Small details makes it challenging.
Maybe I was seeing too much.
It was impossible to see too much.
The less there was to see, the harder i looked, the more i saw. In
the smallest registers of motion.
When looking at ordinary things, suddenly you see something new in them.

I like to remember things my own way.
And how I remember them…
is not necessarily the way they happened.

My mind wonders:
about inability to talk about things afterwards,
how by staying around you might experience something unforgettable,
how to touch someone,
how is it always better dance first and think later.

Video: What happens when nothing happens