“Early One Sunday Morning Everything Outside” galleria Rotor 1, Göteborg, 2009.

“Early one Sunday morning everything outside” plays with the concept that people can be present in more than one world. It explores memory, and the differences between the real and imagined. I think the one important point is a memory and not just mind’s memory but bodily memory. The memories of different senses.

“Everything is somewhere and in place” said Aristotle. Usually when we are thinking of a place, we think of something physical, a location on a map. But the location is only one element of a place. A place can also exist in the memory, as recollections of past events or land-marks. Things don’t actually happen to the place but to the people being there. The memory of the place is the key to understand what a place is.

Being abandoned houses is literally being in between inside and outside. Windows and doors are broken, wind blows in, curtains swinging in and out, distance sounds come from outside into inside. Their ceilings are caving in, letting in the light. Doors are open and frames dislocated. Windows broken and in between state.