2- channel video installation, 8 min loop
Filmed and recorded in Senegal.

Film & editing Eeva-Liisa Puhakka
Music: Clairerose Barbier & Mbemba Diebate
Sound: Jason Kenny

Castle Wolkersdorf, Austria. 2016.
Artists without borders, Consulate General of Austria, Istanbul, Turkey. 2016.
Artists without borders, gallery Karşı Sanat, Ankara, Turkey. 2016.

Video talks about how everything that is understandable and meaningful in our life disappears immediately, when we give up or have to give up our way of living or our own culture. And when the meaning is gone, the world becomes strange and it is difficult to maintain the ideals on which we have lived until that. Video also talks about dreams of dusty roads, great stories, wildness and glories of the west. And then, how it actually is possible that we, with all possible vehicles and styles, can take the same road and there is space for all.