“The best party is always in the kitchen” LARU10, Helsinki, 2010. An environmental installation with old roof lamps and the table radio repeats sea area forecast.

Almost everyone has discovered that the best parties always end up in the kitchen. In kitchen we often have discussions, we call kitchen table talks, but which can also be called everyday debates. Kitchen table talk is a talk that starts from facts ending up to the notion that things are matter of taste or views.

Although everyday talk is diverse, and each of us is good or bad in it from other people’s view or from his/her own view, the fundamental element in everyday talk is, that everyone has the same opportunity to be a capable and skilled actor and that everyone has equal opportunity to participate into the discussion.

Everyday talk takes place face to face. It is straightforward. With everyday talk we try to find out right answers, stick to our own opinions, and rely on authorities. Any random though, we have, is usually sufficient to justify our opinion. The goal of the everyday talk will generally make it positive, but at the same time it sets limits to make mistakes and the success in debate is bound to the personal success and self-esteem of the talker.