“How do we know, what summer looks like”, Ateljehof Kreuzberg, Berlin, 2012.

I dreamt that I was back in my childhood summers
the man with a shirt covered in dirt walked in the yard
an old and husky dog ran after him
the tractors at work across the river

By the river back of our house
the light caught not in the trees
but in the surface of the river and
old branches hanged down over the river tracing the surface.

I loved the smells of waterweed, reed and fungus.
I loved the sound of the white river,
water so bubbly you saw no reflection in it.

Sometimes I walked home through the grass fields
just because I could
I knew the grass path,
I knew the sweet smell of it.

But in my mind i was often on a cowboy ranch
with wild horses and warm prairie breeze
where the wind blows free and desert sky is red
Time existed only in the gap, in this green gap between black beats.

untill autumn fell.