“Gray becomes green“ gallery Konstepidemi, Göteborg Sweden, 2007.

To speculate, from the Latin speculatus, meaning mirror or looking glass. When watching other persons, is it as we were looking into a mirror and find that we are also watching ourselves? Who is watching whom? Is it that we only truly see us through others? And is the construction of reality actually not just what we observe, rationalise and comprehend but also blurring division between what is experienced and what is written and heard.

The confrontation between watching and being watched I studied in this video (which became video installation) shot in Linnegatan. Göteborg which reminded me a lot streets of Boston.

Video: Gray becomes green

Paul Auster’s stories deal with the search for personal meaning, and the metaphysical crisis that ensues if one accepts that the self is fractured and divided, rather than fixed and immutable. The set in Paul Auster’s book the Ghosts is surreal and symbolic. Everyone is a colour, and every thing represents another.